October 26, 2024 • Sebastopol

Trashlantis is a free immersive experiential discovery festival celebrating the creative, innovative ways we can embrace a zero waste future with workshops, activities and events showcasing artists, climate action changemakers, and the emerging technologies and businesses who are repurposing, recycling and developing zero waste packaging and durable goods.


Plastic trash washing into the ocean has mutated the ancient race of amphibious Atlanteans dwelling beneath the Great Pacific Gyre. They now rely on plastic as much as we do– but they can't manufacture it! They are coming to dry land, searching for plastic to sustain their mighty civilization. Welcome to the strangest Harvest Festival you've ever been too... it's a harvest of plastic and trash from our creeks and neighborhoods!

UP-cycle Rally

Cheer on your favorite trashletes as they pedal their creations through an obstacle course made from cast-offs from our culture's mad over-consumption. It's a Trashlantis styled steeplechase rally. Stick around for the awards ceremony afterwards!

Build a Trash "Gate"

Sign up with your team, school, store, or business to collect trash from creeks and neighborhoods and then show off your haul by constructing "gates" for the Up-cycle Rally. Construction help is available. Trophies will be awarded in several categories, including "Most Trash Collected" and "Most Beautiful Gate." Details released in June of 2024, so start getting your team together now!


It's always hotter under the water! Dance and rock out with our line-up of local music at our main stage, "The Gyre."

Trash Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

From eyesore to "I wonder..?" Local artists make amazing sculptures from trash. Use your phone's camera to "collect" all the trash sculptures hidden throughout Trashlantis and get a gift certificate to Screaming Mimi's Ice Cream!

Trashlantean Beauty Pageant

Who is the fairest in the Gyre? Contestants imagine Trashlantean physiology and fashion and compete for your attention! The winner will be crowned our Supreme Sovereign and preside over the festival's awards ceremony and closing festivities.

Fix-It Clinic

Work with a mermaid to repair your busted appliance or get your bike tuned up for the ride.

The Refuse-alon

Who is really working to close the loop on refuse and recycling? Meet industry leaders and local officials working towards a sustainable and equitable economy.